About the momentum

Time is at the essence, and your Roadshow in China starts today!

Exploring the CIIE 2021, it is effortless to understand why the Italian companies must attend this Expo. 

We set CIIE Expo as the landing gem of our roadshow, where the offers meet the demands. 

In the complexity of the past year, the Italian brands and manufacturers did not manage to visit China. Likewise, the Chinese buyers did not have many chances to see production plants and new products abroad.

Here is where our project comes to light! Under the wise guidance of the CIIE Leadership and thanks to the partnership with CNA, we will take hand to hand the Italian companies to a business tour in China.

THE CONTEST: Italy and China

Italy is one of the most popular countries in the world. It is inside the imagination of people, cultures, and different geographies. Italy is a mosaic of abilities, knowledge, stories, experiences, lifestyles that draw constant inspiration from the surrounding beauty.The Italian product is synonymous with great quality, the tradition of the territory, ancient culture, curiosity for novelty, momentum towards the future, ability to innovate. And only our country and our products have the features.

"China has made solid development in commerce and trade during the past seven decades, impressing the world with investment, consumption, and foreign trade increases. China is now the world's second-largest consumer market, with its retail sales of consumer goods at around 38 trillion yuan (about 5.4 trillion U.S. dollars) in 2018, up from 27.7 billion yuan in 1952," Commerce Minister Zhong Shan told a press conference on September 29. Compared to 1.13 billion dollars in 1950, China's foreign trade volume in 2018 topped the world at a whopping sum of 4.6 trillion dollars, among which 2 trillion dollars came from imports, said Zhong. As an increasingly favorable destination for foreign investment, China came in second the world over with 138.3 billion dollars in foreign direct investment in 2018, with 960,000 foreign-invested companies by the end of last year. China's outbound direct investment also snowballed over the past decades to rank second worldwide at 143 billion dollars in 2018, contributing to the economic growth of local communities worldwide, the Commerce Minister said. Release date: 2019-09-30Source:Xinhua


We will focus on the following five sectors. Each company will be selected and properly assigned to the reference sector (no cross-sector Pavillion):

  1. Food & Beverage / Agri-food
  2. Fashion & Jewellery
  3. Furniture (Home)
  4. Culture & Tourism (Museum, IP Merchandising)
  5. Innovation/Machinery/Smart Mobility and New Energy/Carbon Neutral



  • Application request
  • 30% Downpayment upon confirmation of the application request
  • 70% Before June 18


  • Admission confirmation
  • Pavillions space allocation




  • CIIE EXPO November 5-10
  • BTOB Mini Roadshow


To ensure a satisfactory level for each brand, we will strictly follow the guidance from the CIIE organizer. An excellent brand mix will be mandatory and will be the only approach followed to matrix every sector.To improve the management of the five pavilions and optimize the results, we will identify one or more Chinese partners in the same sector of competence for each industry.


We cannot guarantee that there is no quarantine in China by November 2021. We cannot ask, suggest or push any Government body to provide a unique corridor for CIIE exhibitors.


To simplify the admission process to attend CIIE 2021 and the China Roadshow 2021 few basic rules and three simple steps to follow up:

  • The participating companies and brands will be only Italian brands.
  • All the applications and Admission will be made online through this platform.
  • You can get all information you want to know through our 24/7 live chat system or by email.


  • Fill the questionnaire and receive the application form.


  • Pay the 30% downpayment according to space and/or the plan you have chosen.


  • Wait for the Admission and pay the remaining 70% to balance the participation fee.

Our team will share with the applicants the detailed documents along with the three steps.